JPMorgan Includes India in Emerging Market Debt Index, Paves Way for Billions in Investments

Economy & Trade

JPMorgan's inclusion of Indian securities in the GBI-EM index is anticipated to bring in investment flows of US$25-30 billion. The phased inclusion begins June 2024.

Legal & Regulatory

Debt Funding in India: Options Available to Foreign Investors, Entrepreneurs

We explain the debt funding options available to foreign companies and investors in India, including onshore and offshore options, and their regulation.

Economy & Trade

Non-Resident Indians Confident About Investing in India, Cite Better Returns

A survey by a fintech platform has shown that NRIs demonstrate a positive perception of India as a market delivering higher investment returns.

Legal & Regulatory

Legal Framework Underway to Establish India’s GIFT City as a Global Accounting Hub

India is working on the legal framework for its first IFSC at GIFT City in Gujarat to enable it to become a global financial center.

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India Briefing

Economy & Trade

Economy & Trade

India Will Not Impose Curbs on Imports of Laptops, PCs, Servers from Nov. 1

Sep 24

India has reportedly decided not to impose import restrictions on laptops, tablets, PCs, and servers from November 1, 2023. Per government officials quoted by media, an import management system is being put in place.


Tax & Accounting

Tax & Accounting

Preparing for Audit in India – New Issue of India Briefing Magazine Out Now

Sep 01

In Preparing for Audit in India, we discuss the types of audit, reporting thresholds by entity type, and new technology applications. We also provide practical advice related to the GST audit process and explain compliance related to the audit trail function.


Legal & Regulatory

Legal & Regulatory

Procedure for Registration with India's Special Value Branch

Sep 20

Importers must register with India's Special Value Branch (SVB) if they are affiliated with their suppliers, as per Customs Department requirements. We discuss how customs authorities assess related party transactions and the registration process with the SVB.

  • India's Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023: Data Privacy Compliance

    Legal & Regulatory Sep 18

    India’s Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Act 2023 will impact internet companies, mobile apps, and businesses handling citizens' data. Enterprises will need to assess the fine print of the legislation to address their risk exposure and compliance requirements.

  • Draft Revisions to India’s Merger Control Regulations Governing Combinations

    Legal & Regulatory Sep 13

    India's draft Competition (Combinations) Regulations, 2023 released by the CCI, seeks to implement the amended Competition Act. It is open to the public for feedback till September 25, 2023. We discuss key provisions and proposed changes to the M&A landscape.

  • India's LLP Amnesty Scheme 2023: September 1 to November 30

    Legal & Regulatory Sep 06

    India's Ministry of Corporate Affairs has recently launched the LLP Amnesty Scheme 2023, granting LLPs respite from late filings (Forms 3, 4, 11) till November 30, with streamlined processes and waived penalties, showcasing support for businesses.

  • Understanding the Role of Independent Directors in Indian Companies

    Legal & Regulatory Aug 31

    Independent directors, per India regulations, play a pivotal role in balancing corporate interests and maintaining ethical oversight. Qualifications are stringent, there are limits on directorships, and appointments involve board approval.



India's Semiconductor Sector: Tracking Government Support and Investment Trends

Sep 22

We track India's efforts to facilitate foreign investment into its indigenous semiconductor industry (developing fabs. chip design, ATMP).


HR & Payroll

HR & Payroll

Annual Compliance for Employers in India Under Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Legislation

Aug 28

India's Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Act and its corresponding Rules require a mandatory annual report to be submitted by the employer to the District Officer and is also part of reporting obligations to the Registrar of Companies.


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